FIMOR-ROJO SPORT : an exclusive cooperation

ROJO SPORT (CALIFORNIA) and FIMOR (PU RUBBER: FRANCE and CONNECTICUT) renew their exclusive cooperation. ROJO designs and Fimor manufactures high-end training targets for ball sports. Targets include water polo, lacrosse, hockey, football (soccer) and, in 2021, futsal and handball.

ROJO targets are a professional grade product chosen by clubs and amateur athletes for their exceptional durability and ease of use. Time is up for the training sheets (nets) that are both fragile and cumbersome. ROJO targets are ready to use (or to dismantle) in less than two minutes and will remain in shape and use for years!

rojo sports


Dec 28, 2019, marked 5 years of exclusive and friendly cooperation, Alex ZUCKERMAN (right), chairman and founder of the FIMOR Group remits to John MARCIN, President of ROJO SPORT, a reproduction of the Indian target for the “Pelota” game, a ritual competition in use for more than 2,500 years by the Central American pre-Hispanic indigenous people using a heavy rubber ball.

Indian target for Pelota