Application areas

FIMOR is a world leader in polyurethane squeegees for screenprinting and related accessories such as sharpeners. FIMOR has extended its competitive polyurethane manufacturing expertise and has established a position in a variety of other markets like floor care equipment (squeegee blades), rail maintenance (USP, wear resistant and antivibration parts, wheel chocks, ballast chute liners etc…), Semi Finished products (sheets, blades); Industrial protection  parts), and custom molded parts for the agricultural industry) .

There are endless other potential market applications for polyurethane. FIMOR is also active in the sectors of sporting goods, construction, surface and underground mining, material handling together with many other applications were extended resistance to wear and abrasion is called for. All these markets have been regrouped under the “FIMOR POLYURETHANE” market division.

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screen printing

Screen printing

Manufacture of polyurethane screen printing squeegees, accessories and squeegee sharpeners.

The SCREEN PRINTING activity is managed by a specific commercial service.


Cleaning industry

The serilor® CLEAN brand has been the polyurethane industry standard used in cleaning applications such as "squeegees" and “blades” for a wide variety of scrubbers because it has many advantages versus natural rubber.

  • PU’s high wear resistance is a key factor for perfect drying.
  • The wide range of PU hardness and thickness allow the squeegee to be optimized for both the machine type and cleaning application while natural rubber is commonly limited to a single hardness.
  • Natural rubber squeegee performance varies due to environmental and chemical expose.  Changing to PU increases the life time of the squeegees mainly when used on floors stained by oils and other chemicals such as aggressive cleaning agents.

serilor® CLEAN offers the best price-performance ratio on the market and our PU product line is not subject to the fluctuations of the world market for natural rubber.

Examples of use: Squeegees for scrubbers, anti-projection skirts.

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Rail industry

FIMOR has developed polyurethane compounds that meet the specific requirements of the railway industry (high speed, urban and interurban lines, metros, trams and maintenance), where all polymers are challenged by the exposure to heavy impact, severe shock, constant friction, and a wide variety of environmental conditions.  Polyurethane elastomeric parts support heavy loads and protects the railway infrastructure against wear, noise, vibrations, and deformation.  PU has effectively replaced both wood and metal in countless applications and can often be adhered to a wide variety of substrates.  Cast urethanes have also found their way into the maintenance of rolling stock.  It has a variety of possible applications in infrastructure, for the rolling stock and their maintenance. FIMOR has developed an internationally patented new generation of PU for use under sleeper pads (USP serilor® that reduce the necessity of very expensive periodic tamping.  Field results show that Serilor® under sleeper pads have a lifespan equal to the concrete sleeper they support.

Examples of use: under sleeper pads ("USP"), protections for hopper wagons, under-rail pads, sheets for slab track, anti-vibration saddles, sleeper envelopes, wheel chocks, individual wheel protection, protections for off-rail storage of the axles, axle protections, customized parts for platform edges…

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Semi-finished products

FIMOR manufactures standard and custom-made polyurethane sheets of varying size, hardness, thickness, and color.  The industry leading serilor® brand provides a wide range of polyurethane sheets including low hardnesses and multi- layered sheets with up to three hardnesses in the same sheet.  FIMOR’s sheet manufacturing process ensures a perfect finish of corners or edges enabling the finished product to meet demanding dimensional specifications.  Various profiles are possible by either molding or machining (e.g. anti-slip profiles).  PU tubes, bars, and other shapes round out the semi-finished product line.

Examples of use: seal cutting, conveyor straps, conveyor belts for mines and quarries, scrapers, industrial protective curtains, anti-skid plates, bed linings for benches, trucks, trailers and more!

protection vans
protection menuiseries
protection etabli
piece moulee protection industrielle
Protection polyurethane

Industrial protection

The serilor® PROTEC product line includes a complete range of protection profiles and custom sheeting required by many industries.  serilor® PROTEC industrial protection parts are made from proprietary FIMOR POLYURETHANE formulations. FIMOR’s urethane technical experts tailor formulations according to the specific needs of each application.  Hardness, cut & tear resistance, load bearing, flex-life, and abrasion resistance are just some of the properties we can optimize for the desired end use.  Coefficient of friction can be reduced by selecting a higher hardness, while a lower hardness coupled with low resilience provides an excellent damping effect. serilor®PROTEC serves as a shock absorber between metal parts, and prevents painted parts from scratches, nicks, and dings in the work area. The PU molded parts are extremely wear resistant, easy to maintain and have an excellent durability.

Examples of use: protection of workbench surfaces, car sills as well as of boxes, beds of vans and trailers; a wide variety of fragile parts including glass; protection of joinery PVC, aluminum or steel; protection of tubular structures; protection against heavy impacts; protection of sharp edges; prevention of metal-on-metal contacts; protection of sensitive materials...

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Agricole élevage

Agriculture - breeding

Growing crops and raising livestock present many different challenges including a need for hygiene, increasing animal comfort, and managing high wear surfaces just to name a few.  serilor®polyurethane compounds make available a wide variety of options to the farmer.  Soft polyurethane sheets provide a comfortable feel compared with hard floors and deliver excellent abrasion resistance. serilor® polyurethane offers both excellent abrasion resistance and property retention when exposed to the harsh chemicals found in the agricultural environment. FIMOR sheet products are easy to clean, available in single, double, and triple hardness options, and can be fabricated to provide an anti-slip surface.

Examples of use: wheel scrapers, squeegees for slurry scrapers, blades for planes, mud flaps, protections for cattle trucks, horseshoes, protection pads for vans, pig mattresses, horse scrapers, all high wear parts found in plows, wheels,

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pieces polyurethane

Custom molded parts for misc. application and industries

  • sporting goods industry
  • pulp and paper handling industry
  • protection parts for sanding cabins
  • wear parts for quarries and the mining industries
  • squeegees and vibrating sheets for construction equipment
  • snow handling and removal
  • material handling and bulk material processing
  • flat and molded parts for concrete processors
  • custom wheels for compaction and extraction  equipment
  • zero crush wheels 
  • mail sorting and handling
  • metal forming