Our know-how

The group offers a total technical and sales support package to our customers from the beginning of a project through to its satisfactory completion. In helping to define specifications and technical characteristics according to the requirements (hardness, thickness, shape), and looking for the most cost effective, and the best compromise between durability and usability. For standard parts, FIMOR offers the very best service, availability and competitiveness.

Conception et innovation

Design and innovation

From the beginning of product development, the technicians and chemists of the FIMOR group select the most appropriate polyurethane elastomers and the most economical processes in terms of tools and shapes of the parts.

Over the years, FIMOR has paid particular and constant attention to the development of innovations relating to the transformation processes as well as to the new applications of its polymers. FIMOR has patented more than ten inventions.

A large part of the commercial successes, first in screen printing (world leader), then in the other industrial specialties, are the consequence of important investments in R&D. FIMOR has a test laboratory and a dynamic research team.

La centrifugation
plaque centrifugée


Centrifugation is FIMOR’s main manufacturing method of polyurethane (PUR) technical sheets. The materials (prepolymers) are first mixed with the aid of casting machines and then deposited in the rotary drums of centrifuges. The quantity of material in the centrifuge determines the final thickness of the plate. This process guarantees an optimal distribution of the material, a surface without defects (scratches, bubbles), as well as a perfect homogeneity in the thickness of the sheets.

La coulée sur table
Table de coulée

Hot table casting

The process of casting on hot tables consists of depositing PUR resin in a frame or in any form of mold on a table heated to a selected temperature. This method is used to produce plates of higher thicknesses and dimensions other than the fixed formats, obtained by centrifugation. It makes it possible to produce prototypes and medium series with very modest tooling costs and much faster than by the process of injection.

Continuous Line
Salle de coulée
Ligne de coulée continue

Continuous casting

FIMOR has a unique continuous casting line (over 75 meters long!), allowing the automatic molding and demolding of thousands of pieces of all sizes and shapes.

La qualité

Quality, environment, certifications, references

The polyurethane parts are manufactured by casting in France, ( FIMOR - Le Mans factory)  and for certain specialties in Connecticut, USA (FIMOR NORTH AMERICA). FIMOR guarantees the traceability from the raw material to the finished product.

FIMOR is an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified company. FIMOR is required to ensure the consistency of its manufacturing processes, as well as the performance of its products.

FIMOR products are also conform with REACH, RoHS, and even PaHS standards for low hardness.

FIMOR USPs for single- and double-block sleepers, as well as the anti-noise protections for ballast wagons, are approved and referenced by SNCF NETWORK. FIMOR’s wheel chocks are certified and referenced by SNCF MOBILITES.

Other major internationally recognized companies such as INFRABEL, AIRBUS, COLAS, MECCOLI, TSO, MECACHROME, CLAAS, HAKO, NILFISK, NUMATIC (...) are loyal to FIMOR.