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FIMOR LE MANS specializes in medium to long production runs from a select choice of high performance raw materials. FIMOR Le Mans, exports the a large percentage of its well-known serilor®  branded products to over 80 countries through its vast network of distributors.

FIMOR NORTH AMERICA (“FNA”, formerly HARKNESS INDUSTRIES) offers the development customised formulations and products to fit your technical requirement  in both large and small quantities. They can be found under www.harknessindustries.com



Our history

FIMOR is part of a French family group, created in Paris in 1977. The company moved to Le Mans in 1998 in order to facilitate the growing polyurethane production. In 4 decades, the company has developed the world's best-known and best-selling brand of screen-printing squeegees, “serilor® distributed through a network of 200 distributors in more than 80 countries.

Significant investments have been made to develop new products and ensure a long-term growth on diversified industrial markets. FIMOR is now present in 4 countries and on 3 continents (China, USA, France, Germany) through production sites and offices. The group has more than 130 employees.

FIMOR has 2 departments specialized in the transformation of polyurethane: FIMOR-POLYURETHANE and FIMOR-SERIGRAPHY, and a subsidiary specialized in high-end human-machine interfaces and electronic components: FIMOR-ELECTRONICS.

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Our committement

FIMOR participates in several regional and international trade associations to better understand its customer needs and market changes.

Respecting the environment and its workers are amongst the key values of FIMOR and its 21st Century ethics.  The company’s headquarters and main production site in Le Mans are built around a patio in a landscaped park, an example of user-friendly architecture.



FIMOR has been awarded with many prizes including:

  •  "NEF D'OR" of the City of PARIS for high-performance companies
  • "Innovative Company" by ANVAR (now BPI France, whose President visited FIMOR LE MANS headquarters)
  • Trophies in the "INTERNATIONAL" category of MIDEST and the economic magazine "Les Echos".
  • "Innov'Space" for the "supor®" heating mattress for breeding.
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  • Capital stock: € 1,500,000.
  • Sales revenue 2017 for the only parts manufactured in Le Mans: € 8,000,000.
  • Part of export concerning the production in the factory of Le Mans:> 80% in 2017.
  • R & D = up to 5% of turnover.
  • Sales revenue 2018 FIMOR group: around € 20,000,000.