Fimor, specialist in cast polyurethane parts

Polyurethane elastomers were created almost a century ago, and today are recognized as the material of choice for both elastomeric mechanical properties and abrasion resistance. 

 Ongoing improvements in ”PU” (also called “PUR”) elastomers have brought exceptionally diverse offerings to the marketplace.  Current polyurethane pricing effectively competes with the more volatile natural rubber products, and provides cost performance advantages when compared to many black synthetic rubbers.

These versatile urethanes can be molded into a wide array of shapes, sizes, and colors with hardness ranging from 10 Shore A to 85 Shore D.

The FIMOR Group, with its Le Mans, France and Cheshire, CT US factories can cover a wide spectrum of customer requirements with over 40 years’ experience each.

French family runned group of companies, represented in 80 countries. Subsidiaries in France, USA, Germany and China.

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Certification TUV 9001

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